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Appleton Company Services Limited is able to offer its clients incorporation services in a number of favorable jurisdictions worldwide.

The incorporation of any type of entity in any jurisdiction is carried out in a simple and stress free manner. The administrative process which deals with the submission of all legal applications to the relevant Registries, are dealt with on the clients behalf, giving them peace of mind.

Our highly experienced staff will manage all the initial administration, including the appointment of the relevant company officers and shareholders as well as the registered office address. Appleton Company Services Limited will assist in the whole process from start to finish and constant contact is kept with our clients, so they are kept up to date on the procedure and timescales.

Once the company has been incorporated, our client is presented with a full set of corporate documents to allow them to start their business operations.


Ongoing Maintenance

Most jurisdictions require a certain level of local administration to keep the company's statutory affairs in good standing with local authorities. Such services are covered in the domiciliary fee, which are payable on an annual basis. Failure to carry out these duties in a timely manner can result in fines, problems with banks, suppliers, contractors and ultimately the company being struck off.

Throughout the life cycle of a company, we are able to assist our clients with any queries or changes required to the structure of the company or any legal documents which may be necessary for the company. We are able to offer introductions to lawyers, accountants and other professionals in each jurisdiction that we offer to our clients, in order for them to manage their business affairs in the correct manner and in accordance to the specific needs of clients. We charge fixed fees which our clients are informed of prior to undertaking any work. Our transparent pricing method eliminates any hidden fees or nasty surprises.

It is our policy to conduct business through our professional partner and we will not engage with any representative unless instructed by our client. Similarly, the banks that we deal with are experienced in the nature of offshore banking and respect confidential information.

Appleton Company Services Limited is compliant and has a clear due diligence procedure, which is undertaken at the start of any business relationship and maintained throughout. We adhere to all the Regulations we are bound by and operate on a confidential and professional basis at all times.



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