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Appleton Bureau is situated in Central London's most prestigious area, enabling you to have your new office located just one minute's walk from Oxford Circus Tube station.

Appleton Bureau

3rd Floor

207 Regent Street

London W1B 3HH, England


Tel +44 (0)207 307 5912

Fax +44 (0)207 580 4729

We are able to hold or forward your MAIL, TELEPHONE CALLS, FAX MESSAGES and EMAIL. There are conference room facilities available for daily or hourly hire.

You may use our address, telephone number, fax number and email address on your stationery or in advertisements. However, although it is quite permissible to place advertisements in magazines and newspapers using our address, express permission must be obtained from us before using our telephone and fax number in advertisements.

The UK Email to Overseas Email service provides your company with an email address (yourcompanyname@regent-st.com) and automatic email forwarding to your existing email address. Clients are advised to alter the reply address to yourcompanyname@regent-st.com on their current system in order to make their email presence ‘100% UK’. This is a service provided to clients of Appleton Company Services Ltd - your company will not be able to use the Regent Street address or other bureau services unless they are ordered via the Appleton Bureau.

If you need more than just the email service, please speak to Richard Cooper at the Appleton Bureau on the above number or send an email or fax detailing your requirements to appletonbureau@regent-st.com.

You can be assured that our service is COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL. We can also provide SECRETARIAL or REINVOICING services tailor-made to your specific requirements.

Your company will be invoiced separately for this service and payment will be due to the Appleton Bureau. Clients are advised that our service can only be provided for companies which are maintained in good standing with Appleton Company Services Limited and therefore any instruction to renew bureau services will be deemed as an instruction to Appleton Company Services Limited to maintain the company.

Mail Hold Service

Telephone Message Service

Email Address

Secretarial Service & Re-invoicing

For further details on any of the services detailed above, please contact appletonbureau@regent-st.com or alternatively info@appleton.co.uk




Appleton Company Services Ltd ® - Company reg no 02593473 - VAT number 538754606
Registered in the United Kingdom - Registered office address: Studio G3, Grove Park Studios, 188-192 Sutton Court Road, London, W4 3HR.
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